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How about wholesale?

Absolutely. Contact me at sarah@sojourncuriosities.com and we’ll chat!

Oh, no! My piece broke! Will you fix it?

If it is clear that the error was in the craftsmanship, I will fix it free of charge. If your piece broke, accidentally as a result of mishandling, or *accident*:) send me a message and we’ll see what we can work out. Some pieces will be fixable, others may need to be replaced entirely, which will be at a reasonable price.

Will my piece tarnish?

If it is a special order of fine or solid silver, yes, probably, but you could polish it. The general collections I create are all using wire that has a protective enamel coating, which is extremely tarnish resistant, and also prevents skin reactions. I have yet to see one of such pieces tarnish.

If I send you my stone/china fragment/crystal can you wrap it for me, just the way I like it? I saw a necklace in your gallery, but it is sold out. Can you re-make it?

YES! I love custom orders. Just send me an e-mail to discuss your ideas, and get the process started.

Do you find all your own sea glass? HOW?!

I beachcomb in coastal Maine, primarily in the winter, as the storms and lack of other people on the beach make the pickings much nicer.

In my general “Atlantis Found” collection of sea glass and pottery, I use shards exclusively found by me, here in Maine.

For a few special collections, such as “Siren Song” and “Selkie Song”, I will specifically use UK sea glass & pottery, and that from tropical places.



Where do you buy your materials? Take me to the source!

While I have worked long and hard to acquire my particular sources for beads and wire, you will be able to find materials that suit you with some detective work around the internet. Etsy is a great starting out point for materials.:)

How did you learn your technique? How can I learn it?

About 10 years ago, I started out wrapping gemstones like most people, and then I made a twig and vintage button ring, and it kind of just exploded from there. “What piece of nature or history can I wrap next?!”

My technique has evolved through practice and trial and error, in my never-ending efforts to capture curious things that catch my eye, and present them in jewelry form.

While I am self-taught, I recommend you check your local bookstore or Amazon for books that teach basic wire working techniques, or take a class, and from there, build a style that is all your own!

How long have you been doing this?

I began making strung jewelry in the 90s, and got into wirework in 2004.