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We’re live!!!

So shiny and new!

When you get a moment, please sign up for the  brand new Sojourn Curiosities e-newsletter. When you do, you will be e-mailed a 20% off coupon to be used unlimited times this fall. In addition, you’ll be the first to know about new items and special sales and promotions!

  Oh, and look what I can’t wait to wrap into pretty pieces for you!

Autumn leaves from Fairieland

p.s. Many thanks to my fantastic web designer, Rakel, for all her hard work in realizing my vision.


One of the many reasons my family rocks. They did some proxy gem show perusing for me, and look what they grabbed!

I am going to try to save these for late autumn, but they really are calling to me!

p.s. Did you catch the unintended pun? I guess it’s unavoidable, really.

Pocketful of Inspiration

This weekend we took a mini-vacation to Bar Harbor. While there, we spent lots of time walking on the waterfront, exploring.

One afternoon, after walking out on the sandbar to the island, my fellow and the girls built fairy houses and cairns while I sat down and just looked closer at all the little stones and shells. I discovered so many tiny, beautiful (uninhabited) periwinkle shells among the rocks and larger shells. I have a plan for a new product line which I can’t wait to share. Think simple, natural beauty!

Cabinet of Curiosities

Through a bit of luck, I have acquired my dream storage cabinet for all of my keys, shells, sea glass, and other supplies. It is a specimen cabinet with wide, deep drawers. I can fit all of my materials, my wire and tools, and my packaging supplies within its drawers. It is perfect!

As I am amidst a move, I am every few days bringing to my new home a box of sea glass or sea pottery from my old home. Yesterday, the greens came over. I spent some time on the deck, seeing what was fit for wrapping, what I might pass on to those who could better use it. I found some real gems. One of my favorite things about sea glass is the three hues any piece can have. Dry, it can appear frosty, and deep in color. Wet, the color is more intense, clearer. Held up to sunlight, brilliant, sometimes unexpected hues are revealed. Here are a few of my favorite discoveries from yesterday.