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A glimpse of the “Otherworlds” collection. Gaming dice necklaces & keychains inspired by Middle Earth, elves, steampunk, and other fantastical things. For some reason, crazy popular with my customers in France. All around mystical & fun.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

I should be making more of these, because we’ll be at TempleCon, this February, in Warwick, RI (my hometown!)


VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Instead, I am doing a lot of ooh-ing, ahh-ing and adventuring with the little owner of these artifacts. Weekends should really be longer!

Passage Collection: Travel to Oz, through Space and Time



New, this weekend, a handful of particularly magical keys, to transport you to another place and time.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside


Windchills have kept us inside at school, and at home as well. That first moment in the morning when we leave the warmth of our house can be quite breathstealing. Inside, there’s been lots to do.

In the studio I’ve been revisiting some of my past designs from the years before 2010, as well as keeping up with the interest in my new “Middle Earth” steampunk die necklace collection. In addition to the more dwarven looking dice, I have some elven dice I’ve been working with, too.

We are also very excited to be expecting our first child in mid-April, and I think I’ve entered the “nesting” phase of things. I’m fortunate that I’m going to be able to be home with the babe for the first 5 months or so, with the way school vacation falls, and I am looking forward to cloth diapering. In preparation, I’ve been taking stock of what I’ve got, which seems to be an ever-growing collection. I also will be lanolizing all of our wool covers, whose sweet, homey aesthetics are quite possibly my favorite thing about using cloth instead of disposables- next to the comfort of natural fibers instead of plastic, and the obvious concern for the environment.

The wood fire is blazing, animals have all found a spot to curl up, and homemade banana waffles are about to be made. That’s my cue to go help out.  Later, I’ll go up to my workroom, while my husband takes the ever-eager girlchild and her friends to the ice rink (9 degrees!!!?) Expect a sweet shop update to be spread out over the coming week!