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Slept until 10 with dreams about some sort of a coastal secret society that I was a part of. Involved outbuildings, and secret tasks, emerald coves, lighthouses and forts.

This morning starting with coffee and sourdough toast.

I want to show you the mug I reserve for weekends only. It once belonged to a beloved family member. I can’t bear to use my special mug on a day that requires me to work.

Look for a neat shop announcement later on today!

One thought on “Saturday

  1. Lrc

    18 Jul on 2009 at 10:00 pm

    Thats cool that you have a special mug for weekends! Its a personable mug too! My parents have several mugs that have faces on them that I enjoy drinking from when I visit. Perhaps I’ll make some mugs with faces someday

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