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Sea Finds, Feb. 21

Last weekend, I checked out a new spot for beachcombing. This waterfront fringes a small city next to my town, with a great maritime history, so I knew there were bound to be some finds. I walked for two hours, and was amply rewarded.

Highlights include milk glass, what I think is vaseline glass with a gorgeous pattern, and a piece of orange glass. These are just highlights, though. I filled both exterior, and both interior netted pockets of my coat, plus both my back pants pockets!

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Today was the day to take care of all the little paperwork pieces that have been bugging me for a while.

So far, I have:

*Registered my DBA with the town
*Acquired a postal box for the business
*Opened a business checking account with my bank

This afternoon, I will:

*Do housework
*Work on two custom orders
*Make new things for the shop


Welcome to my blog!

I’ve Twittered, I’ve dabbled in blogging under former business names, I can even be found in the Book of Faces, and on DeviantArt. You can still find me in such places, however…

I hope that this pretty, new space will serve as a primary venue for all sundry musings, artistic and mundane.

So, let’s go!

~My most recent sea finds~